How Accurate is the Toscana Movie to the Real Tuscany? Fans of foreign cinema are likely to know that a brand-new movie has just been released on Netflix called Toscana. This film, set in Italy, is about a chef that travels to Tuscany and finds peace in the stunning Italian countryside.

Of course, there’s a lot to love in just the scenery alone, but what else is there to this movie? Does it accurately represent the Tuscan lifestyle? Or is it just a bland and basic film that’s not worth the watch?

Here’s our spoiler-free Toscana Netflix review.

What is Toscana about?

Not to be confused with Under the Tuscan Sun, another popular movie set in Tuscany from 2003, the Toscana movie 2022 has quite a few things going for it. While the plot of the movie is fairly simple to follow, it’s well-executed, making it a great choice for those looking for an easy watch. Without going into any details, a Danish chef travels to Tuscany to sell his father’s business, but throughout the film we see his approach to life change as Italy gives him a different view of his situation.

What do we think of Netflix’s Toscana?

At Tours of Tuscany, we know quite a bit about this part of Italy. As professionals in the touring industry, with over a decade of experience in providing tours around Tuscany, we’re confident that we can give you an accurate verdict on whether or not Toscana is true to life and what travelling Tuscany is really like.

While the film stays focused on its core premise of a chef reigniting his passion for cooking, we do get many glimpses into the beauty of this region throughout, to the point where it may just inspire you to go on your own Tuscan tours. From the culinary culture of Tuscany to beautiful architecture (namely, the castle where the majority of the film is set), there are several things that Toscana showcases perfectly.

Where is Toscana set?

The Toscana movie is mostly filmed in Castello di Risonchi, which is located in the Pelado area. If you’ve seen the film, you’re likely to already know that the scenery here is simply breathtaking. That’s one of the main reasons why so many people choose to spend their Italian getaways here. While the film doesn’t go across the Tuscany map or even venture too far out of a few key areas, the incredible views certainly make up for it.

Of course, if you want to learn more about the locations, cast, and production, you could always check out the Toscana movie IMDB page.

Is the new Netflix Toscana film true to Tuscany?

As a whole, the Toscana movie does a good job at representing a simple premise as a film. Despite being a drama and romance, many people are enticed by the cinematography and the focus on Tuscan cuisine.

Out of everything, this film does exceptionally well with the culinary culture, taking inspiration from traditional dishes and showing off the craft in a variety of ways. If you’re a fan of Italian food and wine, there’s a good chance that watching Toscana will whet your appetite.

What is everybody else saying about the Toscana film?

Since the Toscana movie 2022 is still very new, there isn’t too much to go on based on audience opinion just yet. If you do want a better idea of what other people think of this film, there are plenty of places to go and a few other reviews. For example, you could simply search for Toscana Netflix Rotten Tomatoes to see the general buzz.

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